US Navy’s Ohio-class submarine USS Georgia visits Bahrain

Photo Courtesy: US Navy

The Ohio-class guided-missile submarine USS Georgia (SSGN 729) completed a sustainment and logistics port visit in Manama, Bahrain on 27th December, the U.S. Navy announced.

This is Georgia’s first port visit while operating in the Arabian Gulf.

“The crew of Georgia worked very hard in 2020 to return to operational service then deliver forward-deployed, combat ready presence to 5th Fleet. Visiting Bahrain gave the crew some well-deserved rest while continuing to demonstrate our commitment to our regional partners and maritime security,” said Capt. Rob Peters, commanding officer of Georgia.

Georgia Sailors practiced social distancing along with wearing a mask and gloves to mitigate the risk of personnel contracting COVID-19 following processes set by DoD, CDC and Bahrain.

USS Georgia’s last post visit to Bahrain was in 2009.


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    Throughout all these centuries, Khalij-e-Fars and Khalij-al-Ajami (both Arabic terms for the Persian Gulf) or Bahr-al-Farsi (Arabic for the Persian Sea) have been used and there had been no doubts over the name of this gulf up to the last century.

    All treaties signed by colonial powers since the 16th century have used one of these names. There were no doubts over the authenticity of this name even after the British Empire left this region and substantial political developments took place within Middle East.

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