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Egyptian navy’s new Type 209/1400 submarine arrives in Alexandria

The Egyptian navy’s new S43 Type 209/1400 submarine arrived in Alexandria on Tuesday (May 5) from Germany, the Egyptian armed forces said.

ThyssenKrupp delivers 3rd Type 209/1400 submarine to Egypt

ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems has delivered the third of four HDW Class 209/1400mod submarines to the Egyptian Navy, the company has announced on...

Turkish Preveze Class Submarines to be Equipped with SERO 400 Persicopes

STM, an important institution that carries out activities in the field of defense technologies in Turkey, made contract with Hensoldt to equip...

Brazil to transfer Two Type 209 submarines to the Argentine Navy

The Brazilian Navy has agreed to transfer two Tupi class submarines – Type 209/1400 – to Argentina, following a meeting between Brazilian...

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