Thursday, December 3, 2020
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Russia celebrates Navy Day with Naval Parades

The Main Naval Parade for the "Russian Navy Day" was held in St.Petersburg near the Neva River and the Port of Kronstadt...

Russia is ready to celebrate annual Navy Day

The final rehearsal of the Main naval parade for Russian Navy Day which will take place on July 26, took place in...

Russia to show muscles at the annual Naval Parade

More than 250 vessels, about 80 aircraft, some 100 military vehicles and other hardware and about 15,000 servicemen will take part in...

More than 40 warships to take part Russian Naval Parade

Over 40 combat ships, vessels and submarines will take part in Russia’s Main Naval Parade in St. Petersburg on Navy Day that...

Russian Naval Parade will Contain More Than 40 Warships

Russia’s Main Naval Parade in St. Petersburg and Kronshtadt on July 28 will involve 43 warships, 41 aircraft and more than 4,000...

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