Friday, December 4, 2020
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Russian Navy to Upgrade Three Nanuchka Class Corvettes

Russia’s Defense Ministry plans to place an order for the upgrade of three more Project 1234 missile corvettes for the Pacific Fleet...

Russia’s New Buyan-M Class Missile Corvette to Begin Sea Trials

According to the report of the Black Sea Fleet’s press office, The Project 21631 small missile ship "Ingushetia" armed with Kalibr cruise...

Russian Corvette Smerch Conducted Live Missile Firing

According to the press release of Russian Pacific fleet, upgraded corvette "Smerch" has held its first live-fire exercise, launching an Uran anti-ship...

Russian Corvette Smerch Conducted Missile Firings at Sea of Japan

The upgraded missile corvette Smerch has held a live-fire exercise against a naval and an air target in order to check the...

Russia’s Newest Missile Corvette Begins Shipbuilders’ “Final” Trials

Russian fleet keeps growing. After the newest diesel electric submarine begins trials at Baltic Sea, the Project 20385 missile corvette Gremyashchiy has...

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