New warship has joined Iran naval fleet in the Caspian Sea.

A home-made missile-launching warship has joined Iranian army’s naval fleet in the Caspian Sea ‎Dec. 5.
The warship dubbed “Separ”(shield), was launched in Iran’s northern port of Anzali, during a ceremony attended by the country’s defense minister, Brigadier General Amir Hatam, the state-run IRINN TV reported.
Separ is an Iranian-made Kaman/Sina class missile boat that is equipped with 4 C802 SSM anti-ship missiles, 1 Fajr-27 76 mm dual-purpose gun and one 40 mm anti-aircraft gun.
By launching Separ, the number of Iran’s compat vessels in Caspian sea increased to six.
In addition to Separ, a combat vessel overhauled by Iranian experts is scheduled to join the fleet as well.

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