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Daily Archives: January 10, 2021

U.S. Navy’s priciest carrier has problems with aircraft takeoff & landing systems

The U.S. Navy's priciest aircraft carrier, USS Gerald R. Ford, has still been facing technological problems since her commissioning in 2017. The...

Tsirkon hypersonic missile is invisible to the radars, Russian analysts claim

According to the analysts, Russian Tsirkon Hypersonic Guided Missiles may be invisible to radars due to the plasma cloud after launch, which...

Will the railguns replace classical guns in the future?

As a part of the Electromagnetic Railgun development project, the NAVSEA tested the railgun over the Potomac River on December, Popular Mechanics...

Iran makes power demonstration with a naval parade in the Persian Gulf

Amid the high tension in the region, a group of naval assets of Iran's Revolutionary Guard Corps conducted a naval parade in...

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