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Daily Archives: May 10, 2020

UPDATE: Iranian frigate accidentally hit a friendly ship with C-802 missile

According to the local sources, Iranian Moudge-class frigate "Jamaran" (pennant number:76) accidentally shot friendly vessel named "Konarak" (Hendijan-class general-purpose vessel) with a...

U.S. Navy Submarines join surface ships and aircraft in interoperability exercise

Three submarines joined 7th Fleet ships and aircraft this week during a joint advanced warfighting training exercise on May 2-8 in the...

The Rise of Turkish Defense Industry. What lies behind the Turkish Defense Industry’s Success... In recent years, many high-tech Turkish-made products have been showcased at defense industry exhibitions worldwide. Turkish...

Do you know that Pepsi was the 6th largest naval power in the world?

The title of the article may seem strange to readers. Even some of them may rightly think there is a typo here....

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