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Daily Archives: February 17, 2020

Chinese naval ships conduct combat training in Gulf of Aden

The 34th Chinese naval escort taskforce composed of guided-missile destroyer Yinchuan (Hull 175), guided-missile frigate Yuncheng (Hull 571)  and comprehensive supply ship...

Bell Boeing delivers first CMV-22B Osprey to the U.S. Navy

Boeing and Bell Textron Inc., delivered the first CMV-22B Osprey, which is the V-22 variant the U.S. Navy will use for transporting...

Freire shipyard launches new oceanographic vessel “Belgica” of Belgian Navy

The oceanographic research vessel “Belgica” was launched at Freire shipyard premises in Vigo on 11th February 2020, Freire Shipyard announced on 12th...

Weekly Summary (10-16 February)

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