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Daily Archives: October 24, 2019

Turkey’s defense exhibition, Defense Port Turkey, begins in Pakistan

According to the state agency of Turkey, The fifth edition of the "Defense Port Turkey" exhibition began Thursday (24 Oct) in Islamabad/Pakistan. Over...

Russia’s first unmanned surface vessel, the Pioneer-M, will float at 2020

According to the statements of CEO of Sredne-Nevsky Shipyard which is located in northwest Russia, they plan to float out the country’s...

Japan and China conducted naval drills after 8 years

The Maritime Self-Defense Force of Japan has conducted “goodwill exercises” with the Chinese Navy for the first time in eight years, the...

The U.S. has approved the refurbishment of frigate sold to Bahrain

The Defense Security Cooperation Agency of the U.S. has announced that the State Department approved a Foreign Military Sale (FMS) for the...

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