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Daily Archives: August 10, 2019

Did IRGC Chase Wrong Ship or Make Propaganda?

Iran has revealed that fast attack boats belong to IRGC chased down the Royal Navy Destroyer HMS Duncan and shared a video...

Indian Navy Turns on Alert Mode Against Terrorist Attacks

According to Indian press, the Indian Navy has announced an alert due to the possibilities of a Pakistan-based terror attack, in the...

Wilson Sons Tugs Presents Powerful Escort Tug: WS Aries

Eyes of the navy enthusiasts mostly on combatant and powerful ships, like aircraft carriers, submarines, destroyers and etc. But as all we...

HMAS Arunta of Australian Navy Begins SATs After AMCAP Upgrades

On completion of Project SEA 1448 Phase 4/4B AMCAP (ANZAC Middle Life Assurance Capability Program) HMAS Arunta frigate of Royal Australian Navy...

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