Daily Archives: July 11, 2019

Brazilian Navy Launched Third Prototype of MANSUP

10th July was such an important day for Brazilian Navy, because they launched the third prototype of the Antinavio Surface Missile (MANSUP)...

Iranian Boats tried to Seize British Tanker at Hormuz

Tanker crisis between UK and Iran is growing day by day. Last week, the administration of Gibraltar seized an Iranian tanker named...

Detecting Submarine will be Available with Propeller Trace

Scientists at Russia’s Krylov State Research Center have started developing and introducing a fundamentally new method of detecting submarines by the trace,...

Russian design bureau unveils new nuclear-powered aircraft carrier project

The Russian Nevskoye Design Bureau (part of Russia’s United Shipbuilding Corporation) unveiled the newest Project 11430E ‘Lamantin’ nuclear-powered aircraft carrier. Its mockup...

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